How we build our products

We start with high quality materials

All of our pieces are built by hand, one at a time. We start with hardwood that is straight from the lumber mill. All wood is then processed by us, in house to flatten and plane to the appropriate thickness. That provides us with much higher quality material than you can purchase anywhere.

How we connect the pieces

Drawers are designed and built using dovetail joints. Dovetails have been used in woodworking for a long, long time. They provide great strength when connecting pieces of wood.  And they look great too!

Advanced mortise and tenons are used to connect all the other parts together.  Far superior to screws and nails!


All our products are stained with high quality products.  We then apply multiple layers of a production grade acrylic lacquer finish.  After that has completely cured, we polish the piece by hand to produce a beautiful luster.

In the end, our desire is to provide you with a high quality piece of furniture that will be something you can pass down thru the generations.  With the added benefit of having hidden compartments to hide your goodies.