Coffee Table




Our Craftsman inspired coffee table was completely custom designed.  It will go great in your family room!  Built using ONLY top quality hardwoods and hardwood veneer plywoods.  We build our furniture to outlast you.

The table features 2 fold down ends, released by a magnetic lock.  Internally there are 2 pull out drawers to conceal your goodies. 

Drawers are constructed using dovetail joints for maximum strength.  Each drawer has soft close under mount slides.  Push them mostly closed and left the slides do the rest!  Additionally, the drawers are lined with super soft velour to cushion your valuables. 

2 external drawers provide you with normal storage for games, books, etc. Just like the internal drawers, these are constructed using dovetail joints and feature soft close under mount slides. 

The images shown are 3d renderings from the designs.  We design all pieces with CAD software first to get the designs just right.  Then we can produce images of what the final design will look like.  Currently we have 2 pieces in production for this design.

Pricing is for the coffee table built in oak, with your choice of stain color.  Other wood species are available, just ask!  For excellent durability, multiple lacquer clear coats are applied, and the entire piece is polished and waxed by hand.

The table measures 48″ long, 27″ deep, and 18″ tall.


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